I'm an artist to the core. My very first tool set was my tiny four year old hands and a pencil. I've since expanded that tool set to include the paint brush, pen, marker, sculpting utensils, camera, and computer. No matter the media art is art. It is a challenge I very much enjoy. Seeking creative solutions to artistic challenges is what I live for. I'm a hard worker and a quick learner. Every new software and media is an opportunity to expand my tool set.


Since graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2009 I've been employed to date as a 3D Artist at Dynamic Animation Systems. I've worked on various projects but primarily the Virtual Interactive Combat Environment (V.I.C.E.) system and FIRE. When not building worlds I've freelanced creating logos, web graphics, and multimedia. I keep up with photography and painting. In an effort to support the arts I'm an Assistant Art Teacher at Tysons Art and Learning Center.


Conceptualize and create 3D characters, vehicles, and props for game, render, and multimedia purposes. Incorporate assets into virtual worlds and bring them to life with collision, animation and particle effects. Work with clients to bring to life their visual identity through logo design, web and multimedia graphics. Support client vision through illustration and photography.